Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nature's Beauty Works

Hey everyone!~
Quickie review here.. remember forever ago when I said I would be reviewing a million and one different kinds of wet wipes? Well this is the first of them.
I was sent two different kinds, sensitive skin- chamomile and refreshing mint all purpose mini wipes. 

I wanted to love the products so badly. 
But the formula of the wipes were not as well made as many others I have used in the past.

My sensitive skin was not happy when I used the supposedly sensitive skin friendly full sized set. I loved the smell but my skin was left dry and very uncomfortable. They were wonderfully sized, thick and strong. But I could not stand that I needed a separate moisturizer with WET WIPES! They should simply clean off your face gently without stripping the skin of necessary oils while removing dirt and debris of the day. Always a plus when they can remove waterproof makeup.
Unfortunately these will be given to a friend who has oily skin. I cannot use them with my combination skin.

The mini wipes on the other hand were quite nice. They were fresh and minty. Good for after eating more *potent* finger foods like cheeses and great for wiping down feet after a long day at the beach. Refreshing mint on sore feet = win!
I wish the mini wipes packaging was a bit better. The  wipes are often pulled apart as you attempt to wretch them from the clutches of the mini canister. Then you have one very thin not very useful wipe. Who would want that?

Anyhow. That is about it. I would recommend the mini wipes to anyone looking for an easy way to cleanup messy hands, dirty feet (after a day of running around in the humidity in flips flops) etc. But I don't think I will be reaching back to these products in the future.

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  1. I don't have sensitive skin, so maybe I'll give these a try. Thank you for sharing. Jess

  2. Thank you for your honesty! I have sensitive skin as well so I have to be careful with what I choose to use! The mini wipes sound perfect though! Especially for kids!

  3. I have sensitive skin and very much vaule your honest opinion!


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