Sunday, September 30, 2012

OASAP Winter Lusts and Bullet Necklace!!!

Oasap!! Bullet necklace is totally adorable! I love it. Every guy that has seen it has tried to identify which gun it would go it. I think at last check it is similar to a shrunken down 30/40? Or that is what I understood? Not much of a weapons girl so please forgive me on that. 

Mine did not come with a chain of any sort. That was not a plus in any way shape or form. I really wish it had.
I do love how it looks. However it does not have as much contrast as it seems to on the web site. 
I would recommend this to anyone looking for a slightly SteamPunk weaponry jewelry piece for cheap. 
Click through here pretty please :D 
I think I may be stuck with getting $10 items for a while but its cool. 
I will include some *Lust items* down below just for fun :)
Oh, and my lovely ladies... check this out!!!!!!

        I found this lovely Oasap women's high street fashion store and would like to invite you to join its Fashion Hunter Program where you can get freebies in exchange a post on your lookbook, chictopia or blogspot.
PS: If you join through this invite and approved to be Oasap Fashion Hunter, I'll get $8 cash credit. You can invite your friends and get money too. Join Now.

Anywho!!! On too my LUSTS...AGHH

Slim Fit Army Style Trench Coat with Standing Collar


So expensive I can't imagine when I would wear this...but It is something I would be all over if I had $100+ to spend on a coat. I love all of their jackets...since it is Autumn(y) (Not in Florida...but lets pretend) And I know everyone who isn't in Florida gets a sort of real set of the four seasons (TOTALLY JEALOUS!)

And an absolute blast from the past!

Flower Pattern Double Breasted Slim Coat $156

This is an adorable brocade pink coat. I love the high collar, slim cut and skirt like edges. Over a pair of skinny liquid or Lame legging this would be great for a more upscale fall event!! I love love love the silhouette...It is not *on trend* so to speak. But who needs on trend when being off trend is so gorgeous?

Another *Off trend item* A gorgeous Lantern Sleeve high neck Cashmere Sweater! 

High Collar Lantern Sleeve Jumper

$109$98.1EXPIRES Nov.13  
And who doesn't need a new cashmere sweater?? This one is adorable, fun and whimsical! This one is actually on sale for $98 right now (In FL we don't need them that this beauty would sit in my closet untouched... the sadness that pervades my soul is killing me) But I think every gal should have something as fun as these. 

I cannot make this post any longer (it will drive me mad with an intense need to move up north!)
But I love winter clothes!

Until Next Time,

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  1. They really do have some cute stuff! I like that bullet necklace!!

  2. That's a cute necklace, I wouldn't purchase it without a chain though. I love having four seasons you should definitely move to California!

  3. That is a neat necklace, not quite me but still cute! :)

  4. Both of those jackets are too die for.. totally my style..

  5. These coats are gorgeous. I would die for one. Great review.

  6. Some of these look nice though I'm not sure on the prices for some of the items. I think I like the black dress or skirt under the sweater the best myself

  7. I really love the jackets! They are adorable!

  8. That Light Coral Dress with the White buttons & floral on top of the hair looks Fabulous!!


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