Monday, September 10, 2012

Paint me patriotic VIVID LACQUER (INDIE FOCUS!)

Hey everyone!!
I know it has been WAYYYYYYYYYYY to long.. I'm sorry. Life has been hectic and I have gotten super behind on everything!!!!!! This is a quickie post about another vivid lacquer polish!!!!!
Vivid Lacquer is awesome! I Love how fun the mix of glitters is! There are little squares, hexes, big squares, red micro glitter, white dots and best of all, easy to get stars!!!!!!!!!! 
I love how easy this polish is to apply. It is great for layering...I wouldn't suggest wearing it on its only simply because it (in my opinion) looks a bit odd to have the baseless glitter look going on. But that might be because my nails are usually a bit stained and a visible nail line drives me a bit batty at times. 

The fake nail *pretending* to be mine!

Overall I LOVE THIS POLISH!!!!!!! IT IS STUNNING!!!!!! I will update this post tomorrow with some bottle shots!!

Or check out her Etsy page here Vivid Lacquer Etsy 

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  1. I would want to wear a nail look like this for my B-day!


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