Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jindie Nails Winter Chic!! Part 1 of 3

Hello everyone!!!
I know I have been totally MIA but, I have reason!! I need to pass this chemistry class I am taking so I have absolutely zero time to sit and write! I HATE IT!

SOMETHING EXCITING!!! I HAVE A DSLR AND A PRETEND MACRO LENS!! PREPARE TO BE AWED!  I may not be the best photographer but these photos are definitely a step up from before :) 

Anyhow~ Jindie has sent me more of her LOVELY LACQUERS!!! And all but two are Crellies :D 
Don't know what that is? Neither did I, a crelly is a cream based polish that is sheer (like a jelly) but also has glitters suspended within it. What is the reason for this? To make YOUR life easier! Jindie wants the polish application process to be fast and easy. We know that not everyone has time to apply a base coat, two layers of lacquer and then a glitter top coat and then a NORMAL top coat!

Application on these first four was fabulous! I love the consistency and all photos (unless otherwise noted) at at two layers of polish. They are sheer but if you want absolute opacity another coat would do the trick :) 

Strawberry Cupcake and Barbies Have More Fun are the first two I will be featuring!
Strawberry CUpcake is an ADORABLE light pink crelly polish with shifting purple/blue glass flakes in the base. It has a wonderful mix of glitters ranging from small white hexes to large white hexes, small pink to medium blue and a few other sizes and some purples thrown in the mix. Application was ok. Nothing too horrible. Went completely opaque in two coats. NONE of the other crelly polishes did that. I love the way the large hexes Work in the mix. Nothing too too crazy but absolutely adorable if you are in the need of a princess moment :) 

And now for Barbies have more fun... more sheer but just as pretty! 
This was much easier to apply evenly, the glitter sits more prominently on the nail. The polish flows evenly across the nail and the glitters do not float around aimlessly. There is a slight ridging of the actual glitter but no one can tell unless they are STARING at the polish super close up. For all intensive purposes, pretend they don't exist. No One will ever notice them on your nails.

So, That is all I have photos of at the moment!! More swatching for me in the near future (there are four more lacquers in the collection! YOU BETTER BE EXCITED! ) 

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