Saturday, February 25, 2012


ITS MAILLLL TIMEEEE :DDD I was a blues clues kid >..< sorry!
SO.. an absol-frickin-lutely amazing woman sent me an amazing package.. however, she requested anonymity so she shall have it <3
She sent me 16.. 16! nail polishes!!
here is a photo of the whole mess of them!

So, now for close ups.
First up, left to right, China glaze lemon fizz, Wet n Wild Night prowl!!, Sally hansen Gray by Gray and Commander in Chic

Essie Shine of Times!!, Sonia Kashuk Fatigued and Taunting Teal, and a Hard Candy unnamed green glitter mini

SH Diamond Strength in Glass Slipper, SH Gem crush in Razzle Dazzler!! Borghese Euro Green!! and Milano Taupe

and the last four are...
SH Ice Queen, SH Grey Area, Revlon Naughty and Sparkling :DDDD

Those were all the beautiful polishes I was sent <3
thank you so much again:) and be on the look out for swatches of all of those colors very soon <3
Until next time,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday Rainbow Glitter DUPEEE SQUEE***

Hey everyone!
So I recently traded Orly's Alabaster Verve for the Nicole by OPI Khardashian Kolor Rainbow in the S-kylie!!! EEEEEKKK
It makes everything better!!
It is gorgeous... lots a glitter... with a bit of layering the ULTIMATE GLITTER PUKE CAN BE ACHIEVED!!!

Bottle shots are first.. obviously.. and the first swatch is one coat :D

Two coats :D

and three... I took an absurd number of photos of it :D

Much love to Suz for feeding my polish addiction... :DDD

Painfully neon polish!!

I recently picked up a nail polish during an attempt to find tooth picks at a dollar store.. yes they are unrelated.. yet I found them and not the toothpicks >..<
Anyhow,it is yet another color from Eternal. It is a bright orangey peach color that is fluorescent and literally glows!
I look so dark in comparison it is ridiculous :DD
It is a usual Neon rubbery matte finish that gets shiny quickly and is not really chip resistant. The color is beautiful and eye catching. EVERYONE and their boyfriend has commented on my nails.. litterally XD
As I ramble aimlessly lets get to the swatch photos! (please disregard tip wear! I have been volunteering at the International film festival stuffing envelopes, sticking labels and everything else possible to do to my nails>..<)

It is sooo pretty.. I cannot wait to show you guys the other two I purchased :D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Glittery silver foil (Icicle China Glaze)

This might be the first nail polish in over a month that I have kept on my nails for more than 3 days.. I had this on for 5 days!!! aghhh.. never doing that again unless I get a gel Mani >..<
It is a really pretty silver foil.. I have layered Confetti glitter topcoat in.. get ready for it! Tinsell XD
Loving the theme here..
Anyhow.. it obviously didn't occur to me to take photos before hand so these are after the layering.. sorry!

Franken nailpolish swatches PT 1

I have been frankening quite a bit lately.. I have made a few interesting polishes thanks to Kezhia of Kezhia's circle :)
She sent me a wonderful package filled with lots of nailpolish she no longer wanted that were of the older variety.
I have been playing around with them recently, I do not yet have a finished polish based off them. But, I will post pictures the second I have a finished product I really like :)
On another note, if you think of a potential name for any if the polishes give me shout! I would love ideas because I have not yet come out with any as of yet.
I welcome anyone who would like to donate to my polish frankening project to do so.

Anywho, on to the colors!
My first few are based on a mini set from the crystallize set

This one is based on a beige nude color that I added dark purple glitter, holographic bar glitter, and lots of other silly things too :)

This next polish of which I don't have a bottle shot of? was in a slightly misguided attempt to franken-dupe Zoya's Diedra :D ohh well.. it is pretty anyhow

And this is just a group shot of all the rest.. for some reason I have not yet taken single shots of them.. I will talk more about them when I post about them individually :)