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All about the BenjaMENS (sourced from BeautyPress)

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All About the BenjaMENS

Nautica F/W 2012 photo cred:  Juan Arredondo

Women certainly aren’t the only ones who crave a beautiful groomed look! Men nowadays are starting to recognize the importance of manicures, masks, scrubs, and even eye cream. The average amount of time men need in the morning is between 15-30 minutes- that's almost the same as women!

Metro-Sexual Yesterday

Throughout history, men have always been body conscious- you often found them working out or doing sports, but skincare was usually low on their priority list. The focus generally was on shaving, anything more was not really important in their minds.

However in the 1960s, things started to change, as men began seeking facials and dark circle treatments, which brought about the term “metro-sexual.” These are tough men who also pay special attention to their appearance. David Beckham is an example of this in today’s society. According to a recent survey, out of 50,000 men, 60% feel that a neat appearance is very important, which also explains the increase in sales of men’s products.

Products for men are catered specifically to the needs of their skin, as it differs from that of women:
  • Men’s skin about 20% thicker than women’s
  •  It requires much lighter products (such as gels, emulsions, etc.)
  • It has much higher blood circulation and has a firmer elasticity, making the aging processmuch slower for men
  • It has larger pores and produces much more sebum, which is from the testosterone hormone

Here is what we figured out about men:
  • They dislike a glossy/greasy appearance
  • They want easy/simple to use products that absorb quickly
  • They prefer very light scented products
  • They want products to work efficiently

What are some skin care products for men?

According to an RLO survey men prefer products with natural plant substances. Since their skin is a lot more resilient they need stronger products compared to women. The top product categories for men are razors, face creams, deodorants, shower gels, and hair styling products. Sounds simple enough? Think again! Men produce sweat faster and stronger than women, therefore they need deodarant to regulate their ph levels and prevent odor and sweat. Anti-Transpiranten is the perfect solution.

Guys really like their hair! The perfect hair products are things like wax, gels, and thickening creams. Men usually produce dandruff so be sure to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to remove excess product build-up.

Shaving is one of the biggest concerns for men. Since most shave the skin on their face on a daily basis, it is important that they take special care in choosing products. Many shaving cream products contain perfume or alcohol, which can really irritate certain skin types.

When it comes to shaving, preparation is key. Be sure to allow the hair to protude far from the skin to avoid irritaion and to guarentee a closer shave. Special products for this are usually labeled as “pre-shave” and sometimes contain alcohol depending on preference. During wet-shaving, the hair should be allowed to soak prior to shaving, and shaving cream also helps soften the hair. The right blade is the most important part of shaving so be sure to choose the right type of blade for your preference.

Once you are done shaving, be sure to use your favorite after-shave product. For oily skin, look for a light after-shave lotion to soothe and refresh the skin. For sensitive skin, look for a gentle balm to soothe irriation and one that absorbs quickly. For dry skin look for one that contains moisturizing properties. Normal skin types can rely on the light after-shave gel, which also absorbs quicly and feels really refreshing.

Today, most shaving products are already provided with easy care ingredients, sometimes even with anti-inflammatory and skin soothing agents to prevent razor burn. Special creams also help preventively, so hair grows back at a slower rate.

Photo Credit: Juan Arredondo
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