Monday, January 21, 2013

Girly Winter Jindie Nails!! Battle Royal and Dream in Color

My Lovely Lovely friend JindieNails has been waiting anxiously for these photos. 
I lost my crazy long talons to a fight with a box of panties at work. Don't judge me. They were tough panties and my nails were quite the opposite at the moment.  My nails now go just a bit past my nail beds. To many they will still look long. I hope my lack of talons will not turn anyone off. The shorter length does however make wearing contact lenses a feasible possibility for this sight impaired gal.

Now, enough about me, and more about these last two beauties!!!

I love Dream in Color and Battle Royale. In my Dr.Who obsessed Boyfriend's words "You have a tardis on your nails!!! And every other girl was amazed by how smooth and beautiful Dream in Color was on the nail. 

Dream In Color

Dream in Color I can imagine is the biggest PITA to remove! Much like many other lacquers of it's kind it is made up of lots of black, white, green, blue and pink glitters. TONS of them. And they are SUPER TINY!!! Micro glitters in heaping servings.
I personally did the school glue as a base coat trick. It never works quite as well for me as it does for everyone else but its ok. I just soak my hands in warm water for a bit.
The polish applies smoothly and evenly on the nail. Even on long "Pretend talons" (fake nails that are not cut down to size) and my new found shorties :)
The polish dried quickly and to an interesting soft glowy finish. Without top coat however, the polish is not very smooth. But many gals love the finish, I have to admit I do like the look but my OCD with textures had me begging for some smooth nails. 

Dream in Color

Dream In Color

Dream In Color

Battle Royale!!!
I love this polish. I wore it without a base color because it gave the color that much more dimension. I love how easy it was to apply. No separation, No clumping, No uneven distribution of glitter. Best of all, once it was dry and I was wearing it around there were no pesky glitters that stuck out of the polish and tried to scratch me! 

Both Battle Royale and Dream in Color are relatively opaque in two coats. I did not wear either for layering because they were so beautiful on their own. 

I wore both colors for over a week and had little to no tip wear. Battle Royale did get signs of wear first seeing as it is a jelly and not a glitterbomb. 
Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

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