Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jindie Nails Polish the last of girly winter!

I love these polishes but I lost these photos!!!!!  I am sorry my lovely ladies... and even more so. My deepest apologies to Jindie for not having my act together :(
So late as anything... and so long afterdue...  Here are Honey Blue Blue and Burr Berry!!!

Burry Berry up first!!
A beautiful white crelly with a mix of blue, pink and purple hexes with big light blue holo hexes!!!
Applied beautifully and no fishing was necessary!  I loved the wear on this polish to peices. I did have a slight issue with the big hexes not being completely embedded.. but that was because my nails are wayyy tooo curved :( 




Now for Honey Blue Blue!!! Amazing application!!! And I love the base color, a creamy light blue green crelly with green, blue and aqua hexes of different sizes. No overly large hexes to flake off my nails either!! Polish love!



Honey Blue Blue

Honey Blue Blue

I love both of these polishes to death and have actually worn them three times each since I received the bottles...  oopsie!

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  1. i like the honey blue blue! Very talented im lucky to stay in the lines of my own nail beds lol!

  2. Those are both gorgeous. I love the blue. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Never seen this polish before thanks for the swatches! :D

  4. I love both of them thank you for sharing.

  5. These are great! My daughter is a huge nail polish fan and can sit and look at pics all day!!! haha I love how these turned out and how great and easy the product is :)


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