Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GeoDeo All Natural Deodorant and GIVEAWAY!!

Hey Ladies!!!!!!!!!!


I stole a friend's one of these deodorants (before she got to use it HeHe) and loved it.. then she noticed and took it back.. Sad face. 

But, I took to the magical world of PR and realized that I might be able to share this amazing product with all of you and be able to GIVE ONE OR MORE to ya'll without having to HUNT DOWN these deodorants! (the only downside with natural products, they aren't sold everywhere!)    

SO, why am I so excited about DEODORANT?? Because, I hate it! I hate hate hate the itchy feeling my pits get when I use the clinical strength deodorants, almost as much as I hate the fact that all solid deodorants that I have used in the past do this horrible thing where they leaves WHITE EVERYWHERE!! AGH! Drives me up a wall!!! This deodorant.. this is very different from all the other products you have EVER used in the past. Even Toms!! Seriously!      

This is an all natural solid deodorant that uses volcanic rock and other magical things to minimize odor. Mind you.. Island smells like tropical island in perfume form, Ocean smells like sportiness and a bit masculine (Not a bad thing!! It is citruscy and yummy none the less!) and Unscented, despite its name is fresh and lightly scented in a way that all armpits need! 

My boyfriend was a good sport and has been using the ocean for the past few weeks. To my surprise he likes it even more than I do! He seems to have told all of his friends that I know where to get it because I have had too many boys I don't know asking me about deodorant of all things. I think the scent is great on him, but I also like it on myself when I know that I will be outside all day or doing a more stringent workout. I think it will be nice to have options when I feel like wearing a more citrus/fresh perfume vs a more flowery one. (Ocean vs Tropical)

Here is an excerpt from their site!

"Everyone likes a good party, but we draw the line at drugging our armpits. Just check the back label of your antiperspirant/deodorant for a little something the FDA requires called "DRUG FACTS". Unlike illicit drugs which mostly breeze thru your blood stream in about 24 hours, processed aluminum hangs out for up to 15 days. Aluminum is a neurotoxin shown to increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease by 60%. Yowza! Time to go to pit rehab!
Detox Complex kicks odor to the curb and tackles toxins with a blend of 6 ingredients: Volcanic minerals, Icelandic algae, enzymes, bamboo, aloe and vitamin E."

I get to giveaway three of these amazing deodorants!! I love them so so so much that I have since ordered another of the Tropical (just to make sure I have one if I misplace the first -_-" )
One lucky winner will get ALL THREE scents. So you can pick which you like best :) 

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  1. I think I would like the Island scent!

  2. I think Ocean would be best for me.

  3. I love island it smells so good!

  4. I want the green one only cause itsone of my fave colors :D

  5. I think I'd like the Island scent the best.

  6. I would try the island on my right arm pit, and ocean on the left.. so I can be a tropical island all day long.. lol!! Thank you for the review, and giveaway!!

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