Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pureology Precious Oil

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I am going to give you guys a quick review of an awesome product ; Pureology Precious oil. According to a press release I recently received this is the goal of the product; 

"Turn tired strands into silk with Pureology Precious Oil™ Versatile Caring Oil. This month, Pureology announces the first Green Seal™- certified 100% Biodegradable, silicone and paraben-free, versatile caring oil. Precious Oil evenly recharges every strand of all types of colour-treated hair and features Sunflower Seed Oil for softness, Coconut Oil for elasticity, Olive Oil for shine and Jojoba Seed Oil for Moisture. The versatile caring oil also features the exclusive oil-based OleoAntiFadeComplex® that evenly recharges the hair fiber, fortifies the cuticle, restores the lipid barrier and magnifies shine of lifeless colour-treated hair."

I think that it manages to do that if not more. the company suggests too only apply two drops or so to the hair. I think I use about two to three because I know that my hair can handle quite a bit of oil before getting greasy. I love that is smells natural and in a pinch I can use it on my skin too!
Last night I applied quite a bit of this product to my damp partially air dried hair. 
Something to the tune of almost 6 drops!! I made sure it went on my hair evenly and in the morning my hair looked interesting to say the least. It was wavier that usual and clumped together just a little. With a quick flat iron run over I was good to go! I had to attend a fancy event and the precious oil made me feel better about subjecting my hair to harsh heat. 

I know that some people might find this gross, but salon experts don't so hah!, I wash my hair at most twice a week. Now, doesn't it sound like it would be a bad idea if your hair will get greasy by the time you wash it to add MORE oil?? Well, this is totally non greasy and does not make my hair a grease trap like many would think. I had not washed my hair for almost three days in the photo below but you would never know it! 

Despite looking silly in the photo my hair looks like that from day one to day four when I use this product. Little to no heat styling too! In this case I had ironed my hair for a fancy event so it was a little straighter than usual. 

Another plus is that this oil is a godsend for my gently highlighted hair. I do my color myself with pro products but one time before I knew to leave bleach well enough alone I bleached what is currently the ends of my hair. Instead of chopping them off and loosing three inches I am waiting for them to grow out! This oil makes my ends soft, silky and manageable as anything!

I would suggest this product highly to anyone who loves great quality hair care and hair color protection. 

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