Saturday, April 6, 2013

Kiss Kiss Darling Boutique!!

Hello everyone,
Today I am featuring a fun online boutique that specializes in awesome jewelry at great prices! 
I received "Dainty Girl Rhinestone Bow Studs in Black" , "Runway Cuff" and the "Velocity Earrings"!

I think that the entire Boutique is super fun! The color scheme of the site is wonderful and the search experience is superb :)

First up are the Dainty Bow Earrings :) They are super cute with a tough edge. They don't turn throughout  the day and don't weigh too much either!! The studs are well sized and I wear them with almost everything!! I might go buy another pair from them if these break or I lose one because they ROCK!


The Runway Cuff is just too cute!! I love the design and that the ring has a stretchy band so just about anyone can wear it. If you have super small wrists you might not want to give this PARTICULAR bracellet a go because it is very loose and I have been able to figure out how to get it too not fall off. I might get it clamped smaller (if that is how one should describe these things) so it doesn't fall off because it is such a fun and edgy accessory! I love it and wear it with fun colors and I might even wear it with my vintage prom dress!!! :D 

The Velocity Triangle Earrings are too much fun! I love how classy they look but are not expected with what I wear them with. (Light florals, girly prints, feminine dresses!)  I LOVE how they look with the beige silk blouse I am wearing in all of these photos! They are super cute and do not feel super heavy on the ears. Best of all they don't hit my shoulders and don't get tangled in my hair! The earrings feel super secure on and I never feel as if I might lose one. Except maybe to my little sister!! 

Overall My Experience with Kiss Kiss Darling  Boutique was nothing but positive! I loved everything I picked out and I loved them even more once they got to me! 

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  1. Really nice review!!!

  2. This is great! I love it! Congratulations KKDB! (She's actually my business Partner)! Thanks for sharing this with others, her jewelry is simply amazing! Thanks for letting her get her shine on! She totally deserves it, she's been working really hard!


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