Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hydroxatone BB Cream!

Hey everyone!

I am hammering these out. I feel so silly for taking a break from writing. It is so nice to be doing things that feel productive other than attempting to pack for moving away. I don't want to move. I cannot figure out how to condense all my makeup stuff into a small enough space that I will be able to fit it into a dorm? O.o 

    Anyhow, Innovative products! I love them. Ifabbo really knows how to pick them too! I love this BB cream and I have been yearning for a full sized tube of my very own for a long time now. 
Hydroxatone BB cream in Medium/ Light is pretty awesome. It has an of SPF 45 and a goes on smoothly! I love how it feels and it does not dry to a powdery finish like most BB creams I have tried. Score one for Hydroxatone! 

Relogy Acne Treatment!

Hey Ladies,

So I have been testing this particular product (Relogy Acne Care) for a while now. And this is THE BEST most CUSTOMIZABLE ACNE SET EVER! It is also 100% Vegan and Benzol Peroxide FREE! 
The set consists of three peices. A Dual Action Treatment Foam (can be left on for deeper results or rinsed off to cater to more sensitive skin), a Skin Balancing Lotion and a Targeted Spot Treatment. Notice that it does not come with a CLEANSER! Some of you may be thinking.. is that a bad thing? Well I can tell you for sure that that is a good thing. This means that you have more control over what you put on your face and you can decide which cleanser is the best for your skin, your makeup usage etc. 

A quick description of the set as per their site:

Relogy works. It's a fast, gentle, natural acne system.  In just 2 easy steps, breakouts, irritation and redness, buh-bye! Relogy is different from ordinary acne treatments.  The secret:  Relogy combines next generation acne treatment with some of the hottest trends in the natural skincare science, to bring you fast acne clearing results you can count, plus healthy, smooth, great-looking skin.  It's everything you need for the results you want.

Relogy clears your breakouts in just 2 easy steps:
Step 1Dual-action Treatment Foam.  (It's bubbly for a reason, not just 'cause it's fun.) Relogy's Treatment Foam uses the power of oxygenated bubbles to penetrate deep into your pores to start clearing acne immediately.  This step also heals, nourishes, and makes your skin look and feel softer, smoother and healthier.  Use it as a cleanser with rinsing, or just apply and let it dry!
Step 2: 100% Natural Skin Balancer with Coconut Milk is the ultimate side-effect preventer. It fights dryness and irritation with a level of hydration that's just right -- not oily at all.  The natural healing, hydrating, balancing and rejuvenating effects leave your skin soothed and balanced (a step that ordinary acne treatments just leave behind). Relogy is total skin care in one easy system. Both steps are 100% vegan skin care.

Strappys! (The prettiest bra straps ever!)

Hello Ladies!
So sorry for the overly lengthy musical interlude. I have been dealing with finals, attempting to get things together so I can graduate amongst other things.
Anyhow, without further ado, STRAPPYS!
They are adorable, super cute, fashionable and best of all fit on any strapless/convertible bra you already own!

I recieved three different strap styles; Pearls on a Vine Bra Straps,Rhinestone Elegant Blind Bra Straps,  and Black Lace Bra Strap with Rhinestones. (in the photo below from left to right) 
They sound awesome just from the name but check them out here!