Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Strappys! (The prettiest bra straps ever!)

Hello Ladies!
So sorry for the overly lengthy musical interlude. I have been dealing with finals, attempting to get things together so I can graduate amongst other things.
Anyhow, without further ado, STRAPPYS!
They are adorable, super cute, fashionable and best of all fit on any strapless/convertible bra you already own!

I recieved three different strap styles; Pearls on a Vine Bra Straps,Rhinestone Elegant Blind Bra Straps,  and Black Lace Bra Strap with Rhinestones. (in the photo below from left to right) 
They sound awesome just from the name but check them out here! 

They were super easy to put on and off although I would not suggest doing so on the fly. The beaded and fabric bra straps were obviously the most comfortable. However, the WHOOSH you get when heads turn at the fabulous Rhinestone Bra Straps is undeniable! I love how glamorous and fab they look with a strapless gown. A simple satin gown gets a major upgrade for not a lot with these straps!!

Even the Lace with Rhinestone straps give this cute floral dress a bit more Oomph!

I can say without any doubt in my mind that these are some of the most innovative products I have played with in a long time. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how easy they are to use. I cannot wait to wear these straps during the summer with unexpected things to give them a bit more class. Easy summer dress gets an update with classy straps :D 

I would suggest these to anyone who owns at least one strapless bra! These are so useful!

Check out Strappys
On their website http://www.strappys.com/
On facebook: Strappys 

Thats about it! I had a really awesome video all filmed and stuff but I have not been able to edit it and now the file is corrupt and it is really driving me up a wall. I apologize that I have been MIA from blogging but I promise I will be back full force this summer 

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