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Hey everyone :)
This is a quick review on a two purses I received from BagBlaze ages ago. 

Why haven't I posted about them yet? Because the only way to really test the quality of a purse is to use it and abuse it! 

bagblaze glitterpukee!!!

The point of the site Bag Blaze is that they do sales at below retail for a limited time only. If it is there this week it will probably never be on the site again. It gives you a chance to pick up cute bags at almost as cute prices. The goal is that everything is for less the $40. Not bad for a purse. I will include the official description below.  
According to them, their mission is as follows;

Every woman needs a good-looking handbag to complete her outfit, and provides personalized and unique trends for every purse fanatic. For over 10 years, fashion statements have been made with our complete selection of stylish and stunning handbags. With our penchant for purses and an enthusiasm for trends, we offer under $39.95 on daily blazing handbag deals. Your budget will love - and benefit from - our modest prices. Our contemporary and swank collection of bags offers options for a variety of situations or events, from dressy satchels to slouchy hobos for happy hours to evening clutches for date nights and casual totes for the workplace or everyday carryall.

I received two different purses from bagblaze. I cannot remember the official price but honestly, the likelyhood of the purse I got still being on the site is about zero. 

The first was a small blue fold over cross body type purse with a long strap and a mini wallet/phone compartment in the front and a larger main compartment. The body of the bag is made of a synthetic patent leather material that is very shiny! It has tan synthetic leather accents on the front of the bag and the straps are the same color. 
It is super cute but does not hold much at all. That made me sad because online it looked larger and the actual usable measurements are smaller than the stats I had seen online. 
I use this purse when I want to carry an absolute minimum with me. If I am going to a party, out with friends, to the mall, park etc where all I need is money, my phone, keys, some almonds and maybe a fold up water bottle. Lots of people love it tho. Everyone asks where I got it from. So that's a plus in the looks side of things. I have not had any issues with wear or tear on this purse. I really do like it for what it is. 

bagblaze glitterpukee!!!

bagblaze glitterpukee!!!

The second purse was the one I had been most interested in. It is a large jelly orange purse with a cross body strap. It can fit a larger sized tablet in it which is awesome because I have the Asus Transform. 
It has a removable inner pocket that you can put your phone or maybe feminine items you don't want the whole world to see. The purse is relatively see through. You can't read words through it but shapes are identifiable and colors do come through sometimes. This purse did not make it through the abuse I put it through tho. It started to get a bit loose at the place where the straps attached to the body of the bag. For future reference I will not be putting everything I own in one of these bags all at once. I had been carrying my tablet with its keyboard and a water bottle for about a month and that probably did make the difference. Its so cute! I am going to repair it so I don't have to give it up because of my own stupidity!
bagblaze glitterpukee!!!

I think that is about all I have to say. I hope you guys like my photography :D 

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  3. The bags look awesome and cost friendly! Super good for people like me on a budget :D


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