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Hand Perfection AntiAging Hand Care System!

Hey Ya'll!
there is this pair of hands that everyone has seen. literally. everyone! 
Ellen Sirot has been THE premier hand model for forever and she is still going at it! 

Why am I talking about Ellen Sirot? Because she has developed a set of hand care/treatment items to help your hands look their best too! 
I was sent the Hand Perfection Anti-Aging Hand Care System. A long name with a lot of words! 

Why do you want fancy hand creams? Because your hands, along with the decolletage are the first places to give away your "age" and start aging!!! Old hands with a young face means you have either had work done or have amazing genes. Young hands and a young face means no one will know if you are 25 or 45 (hypothetically). Case being that the products are designed to keep your hands looking more youthful. 

The science behind it (according to my knowledge base) is that the skin on the backs of the hands is very thin. It does not have as many layers making it more susceptible to sun damage. In being very thin it also is more susceptible to becoming dry, there are not many oil glands on the hands to begin with and every time we wash our hands we strip away the little oil that is produced to help defend against environmental factors. 

What does that all mean? Our hands are prone to getting very dry, cracked and spotty from sun damage. How does this relate to the product line? Well, there are three parts to it. A Nourishing Day Cream with SPF, and Rejuvenating Night Cream, and a Nail and Cuticle pen. The Two creams work to combat visible signs of aging on your hands. 

Wrinkles on the hands become more pronounced the drier the skin is, crepey skin becomes more obvious as well.  (logic, ya?)

According to the site;

Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15
Hydrates, nourishes and replenishes skin all day long, protecting hands from exposure to harsh elements like sunlight, cold weather and constant hand washing
Rejuvenating Night Cream
Works while you sleep to help repair damage and symptoms of aging skin like crepey texture and lost tone replenishing moisture the aging process took away

Well, ok. So the day cream protects against the sun's damaging rays while helping to replenish your hand's moisture by creating a barrier that "closely mimics to associate with you skin's Natural Protective Barrier" (so says the box). The day hand cream smelled a bit too much like sunscreen for my taste. I understand the not adding fragrance but it still bugs me (a bit).
I kept it in my purse for a little under a month apply it to my hands after every hand wash. I wish I had magical results to show as the result of it but my hands are currently covered in burns and cuts because I am clumsy and had a run in with a frying pan. -_________-"

The night cream is  the most important part in my opinion because the body rebuilds during the night and it has the longest time to do positive things! I liked the night cream the best because it felt luxurious and my hands were super soft in the morning. I love how it feels, I love the packaging, I wish they were a bit bigger. It has a nice soft floral scent and absorbs in instantly. I wish it was in a tube as well tho, I keep my nails pretty long so I tend to get lotion beneath my nails when i have to scoop a product out of a tub. 

The Nail and Cuticle pen is pretty rad. It is easy to use and contains a very light, fast absorbing oil that really does make the cuticles look better in not a long time. I think it may have been my favorite product because I always get a bit antsy when my cuticles get dry enough to catch on something (like a lace dress!). This pen was easy to pull out of my purse, put on, and put away with zero mess and no oil on my finger tips! therefor no greasy phone screen, the most important part you know. 

I love all the products! I would recommend them all. 
Whats even better is that I get to giveaway one of the Nail and Cuticle Pens : D

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  1. I would love the whole set.I would think she would know what works!

  2. Love this! My hands get so dry from the Texas heat so this would be perfect!


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