Monday, July 22, 2013

CreaClip Review

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This another one of those products that can save you SO MUCH MONEY AND TIME! Seriously, I personally have never been one of those people who can rationalize spending more than $30 on a hair cut, much less $75. 

The CreaClip is a haircutting tool to help save you money. The more daring will go for a full on new 'do with layers etc because of how easy the CreaClip makes it. The more timid will go for a basic trim that requires minimal risk; put hair in clip, make sure the clip is level, cut. I of course, am in between those two categories quick snugly. Partially because I really like how my latest cut came out, the deal at AVEDA made that easy, and partially because I don't love how my hair looks with really intense layers. Long layers are my thing. 

I decided to do a general trim in the back of my hair where nothing is going on at all, and the front I re layered my bangs to a general extent freehand. They frame my face, starting below the chin. Not wanting to get too crazy with it I created an altered version of the technique they use to create layers. Instead of taking all of my hair to the front of my head and putting it in the big CreaClip, I took only the front, center half. Like the hair that one cuts to make bangs, but a bit further back. 

I really do love the versatility of the hair cut you can get with this device. However, I found that cutting the back of your own hair is impossible if you want a straight cut. That means you have to find someone who you trust with scissors and your hair to do it for you. There may be a secret technique to doing this but I have yet to find it. 

I have cut my sister's hair, my brother's and my own hair in the past week because we all needed a trim. My hair was the hardest because it was the first attempt and I had a clear vision of how I could maintain my current hairstyle but not how I would do it with the CreaClip. 

My sister's hair was pretty straight forward. She has really insane curly hair but she wet her hair completely and put tons of conditioner in it so that I could just do a trim all around. She had a panic attack because I took off precisely one inch. It was fabulous. But her hair looks good and she doesn't even remember how much I had cut off it. 

My little brother's was actually the most complicated. He has layers everywhere because he is a guy! He also refuses to properly wash his hair (again, as a stereotypical almost teen boy) so his hair was kind of gross to work with. I had to use a spray bottle of water and a spray conditioner to attempt to get his hair to behave before starting. His hair is a bit funky looking after the fact, but it is a lot better than the shaggy dog look he was sporting before. 

I would include photos of all of our hair cuts but the two youngers won't stay still long enough for me to get a photo of them. 

I love how easy it was to go from a bit shaggy to polished. I that the price point is good for most people, $29.99 isn't terrible.  (keep in mind that you should pick up pair of either lightweight sewing scissors or haircutting scissors to make sure your cut will look its best)

Overall I think this is a great product and would recommend CreaClip to anyone looking to save money by maintaining their cut between salon visits. 

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