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HYD for men

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So today; is not a normal post.... I am reviewing a bunch of men's products. Has my boyfriend even seen them yet? NO! And he probably will only ever get the shave cream. Why? Because they are too friggin awesome not too keep for myself XD

The products I am being a bit selfish about are from HYD for men. I received them as a member of the Ifabbo blogging community.

Razor Shield 
The line is focuses quite a bit on the product they call "Razor Shield". The environmental factors, etc. What everyone loves it for is that in the end it saves you money! It protects your razor from getting rusty, dull and unusable. If you are into the straight razors (sorry electric heads, this shield is a no go for you!) and don't just pick up the cheapest disposable ones in the aisle, you know how hefty the price of staying smooth is. That is the basis of the Razor Shield, it allows that one razor head to last for an entire month. Which is awesome! I shave my legs every other day (laziness more than lack of hair) and I am pretty sure that means I could stretch TWO MONTHS out of a single blade refill! That is so amazing in my mind, especially as I move toward college where money is tight and buying razors will come second to food.

 According to their site; 
Razor Shield helps create a liquid barrier, protecting razor blades from the corrosive chemical reactions they are exposed to during shaving and everyday use.
Sharp Blades coated in our proprietary blend of natural oils help your blade stay sharper longer, keeping your face smooth and revitalized, resulting in a clean shave.
Save your blades. And your face.
All while saving money.  
 That sounds pretty great just to start off with. 

Now; the math. If I spend about $15 on a starter package... which comes with one or two blades (I don't use pretty girly razors for the most part, shick quatro in mens or womens are my favorites ). I go through about one or two blades a month (as a girl who shaves her legs every couple days), Refill packs cost about $10-15 for three new blades. Over the year I will spend about.. $140+. Not including shaving cream/lotion etc. That is not a small amount of money. Now, with the Razor Shield I will only need a new blade (hypothetically of course) every two months, that means that I only spend about $80 on actual blades. Plus the $17.99 for Razor Shield. My total is now $100, that is still saving $40+. I think it is a great thing! And now lets toss in the environmental pluses, less razors in the landfill etc. Another great thing is that if you are hesitant about buying a full 15ml one they also offer a 5ml trial size, it retails for $6.99.
What I have found in the past few weeks I have been using the Razor Shield on my razor is that I also get a smoother closer shave, My legs stay smoother longer! Now I am going to get even more bang for my buck! Awesome!

The other two products I received were the Shave Cream and Buffer Stick. If you are a low maintenance person (which I assume is the point of the packaging of the buffer stick) you can actually just wash your face, rub the microdermabrasion (ing) stick against your wet face in circles, rinse it off and done! Look at that! Smooth skin :D 

Not only is it easy to use the Buffer Stick does not have an over powering lingering scent (that I or anyone around me noticed). It does smell a bit masculine, it is a men's product, but I think it is really great for just about everyone. I love the ease of use, and great portable packaging. It is a solid which means it is less messy and impossible for it to explode in transit.  
According to the site;
Eliminate 50 million barriers to healthy skin with this one-step microdermabrasion treatment. Buffer Stick combines hydration and long-lasting, skin-enriching treatment with professional-quality microdermabrasion.
Buffer Stick offers instant results with no pain or irritation, increased absorption of your skin care products and minimizes the appearance of dark spots and fine lines. Add to your grooming routine to hydrate your skin and gently remove dead skin cells while fighting ingrown hairs.
It retails for $24.99. I think it might be a little harsher than some of the other microdermbrasion products I have used in the past, but it is a great product and really does leave your skin super super soft after using it.

The Shave Cream
This is the only product I am not super psyched about, I actually will be giving this up because it does have a prominent masculine smell and honestly, my legs have no need to smell like a man just for fun. I do like that it allows for a very smooth shave, leaves them very soft, and overall preforms as promised on the site. I am sure my boyfriend will appreciate this product more than I do. The only issue I foresee is that he refuses to use a regular razor because he is worried he might cut his face open (kind of improbable). It may end up in my father's medicine cabinet just to avoid the silliness involved with getting my boyfriend to switch over. 
According to the site;

Shave Cream hydrates and rejuvenates your skin by minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Our unique blend of natural oils and moisturizers allows your razor to glide effortlessly across your skin, reducing friction and irritation.
Our soothing low lather formula is designed to provide superior coverage while using less shave cream. As a result, your razor will perform better and your blades won’t clog from excess shave cream.

I think it is a great product, it retails for $12.99 on the HYD website. 

A couple more awesome things about the company, I found a pretty rad advertisement saying that they don't do animal testing. If it isn't true I will find them and fight them for false advertisement. 


Thats about it! Love their stuff and get your men to check them out. 

Question for the day.. How do you feel about using men's products instead of women's? 

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