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Reviva Labs Skin Care

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I want to introduce a really awesome skin care company that mostly focuses on Anti-Aging stuff. However, the other products that are for all skin types and ages are amazing!  

Something about the company! 
In 1973 when Reviva Labs was established, the word “Exfoliation” was unknown in America. That was over 40 years ago. It’s when Reviva Labs introduced the first non-chemical European Exfoliant to Health Food Stores, known as “Light Skin Peel”. It’s unique formula and blending remains unduplicated today.

Because Reviva has been a “quiet” company, most of you are probably not aware that Reviva was also the first in Health Food Stores with:
  1. A milder, non-drying program for acne
  2. Elastin
  3. Topical trace minerals
  4. Glycolic Acid (from dermatologist source)
  5. Hyaluronic Acid
  6. Vitamin P for spider veins and rosacea
  7. A new - ingredient-complex for under eye dark circles and others

Although Health Food Stores are Reviva’s major distribution channel, Reviva’s origins are actually in professional skin care salons. Reviva’s founder, Stephen Strassler, is one of America’s earliest Aestheticians.

It was (and is today) the testing of product safety and performance in various skin care salons that has been a unique and key factor in Reviva’s history of product effectiveness.

Product effectiveness is not only a matter of the right ingredients but the experience in blending the proper percentages. And the knowledge of the interaction of those ingredients.
The wrong percentage of one of the active ingredients could inactivate the performance of the product.

Now, the Products I recieved were the Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoilant, Light Peel, Gycolic Acid Cleanser, and  the Anti- Irritant gel with Aloe. 

What are my favorites?
Probably the Light Peel and the Glycolic Acid cleanser. 

The Light Peel is a non chemical peel that pulls all the flakyness off your skin! It irritates my skin a bit because my skin is sooooo sensitive but in the end the results are totally worth it!! I love that it does not use any harsh chemicals. It is said to be the first of its kind, a physical instead of chemical peel. It is an easy product to use and I love how so and smooth my skin is left after using it. 

According to their site;

Light Skin Peel 1.5oz (107)

Light Skin Peel 1.5oz
"Peeling" is a European term for one of the most unique European items in the entire cosmetic field. THIS IS NOT A HARSH CHEMICAL PEEL. It doesn't "peel skin" as we know it, but gently lifts off more hardened, dried skin cells than can be achieved by scrubs or any other "exfoliating" product. Dead-cell accumulation prevents treatment products from penetrating and keeps skin tone from looking fresh and vibrant. For aging and problem skin, PEEL is absolutely vital; it offers multiple benefits, which one can see and feel with just one application. Used by Europe's top Skin Treatment Specialists as a supplementary cleansing step in any skin care program. Any skin type, any age, can benefit from a once-a-week "Peel". Our Peel ingredients also stimulate the deeper new cells to move upward at a faster rate - causing the skin surface to look tighter, clearer and healthier.
It really is a wonderful product.

My other favorite was the Glycolic Acid Cleanser 4oz. It leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth without drying my skin!  The site description leaves a little wanting "
Removes makeup as well as deep cleans with mild exfoliation. Includes no fatty acids or oils common to other cleansers that could interfere with glycolic action. " However, it really is a wonderful cleanser. I have skin that is generally on the dry side and even after using Cetaphil my skin feels tight. The gentle cleansing that I get from the Glycol Acid Cleanser does not strip oils from my skin like others have. I would also recommend it for people who are trying to fade scarring because the Glycolic Acid content does promote cell turnover. 

Anti-Irritant Gel!  This stuff works miracles. And that is actually the story behind it. It is an aloe type gel that feels great on the skin and seems to help heal faster. It has a complicated backstory about (what I think is magic) that I cannot transcribe here and can't find online (odd). I got sunburnt recently and I made it through half of my bottle of Anti-Irritant Gel. I used it in conjunction with an Aloe/ Lidocaine gel to help cut the burn. 

The last item was the 
Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoilant ; it feels great once off the skin, is a bit of an odd consistency (lumpy, full of granules, creamy base product, bit inconsistent  but overall it is a great exfoilant! It uses a combination of low level chemicals exfoilants with a small amount of physical exfoilants. The granules gently rub off dead skin as you remove the Exfoilant. The creamy mask like base uses Lactic Acid to gently melt away dead skin while it is on your skin. You can use it up to three times a week and it immediately leaves you with improved skin texture. Talk about immediate results the Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoilant gets you them.
Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoliant 2oz (108)

Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoliant  2oz

Reviva's new Pomegranate / Lactic Acid Exfoliant features all-natural ingredients. Lactic acid and a complex of plant & herbal extracts remove dead skin; pomegranate, a strong antioxidant, fights future skin damage and peptides, allantoin and soy treat past skin damage. Non-abrasive, each application of the mild, new exfoliant (can be used 3 times weekly), leaves skin looking clearer, brighter and feeling smoother.

I would definitely recommend RevivaLabs products to anyone with skin! Seriously. Although their main focus may be anti-aging skin care, most of their products are good for all ages of skin. Anti-Aging skin care starts in the mid 20's so it really never is too soon to start protecting your skin :) The price point is really good; most things are under $20, and the products all last a really long time!

Sunscreen is THE BEST ANTI_AGING product EVER. Nothing can beat protecting the collagen in your skin.

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