Friday, September 6, 2013

Hey Dude Shoes, Boy are these fantastic!

Hello everyone!!!

I have some of the coolest shoes ever as of two weeks ago. Hey Dude Shoes Vinci Oxfords in Charcol. They are military canvas and suede, super light weight, super cute and, oh yea. Made for men. But, Leah has huge feet, I clock in at a women's 10 and a Men's 8.5, and that means she can wear men's shoes. Does that have any advantage in day to day life? Other than the fact that I can steal my guy friend's shoes and wear them leaving my own ratty converse for them, not much.

But to be able to wear Hey Dude Shoes is totally awesome :D I LOVE THEM! They are so friggin cool! I was sent these for review, but gosh a backup pair would be nice. 

I wore them for three days straight while walking around my college's campus and let me tell you that these are the only dress shoes I have ever worn that are as squishy and comfy as running shoes ( I AM SO SERIOUS!). I love the light weight feel and easiness of wear with these shoes. 

The Oxfords had a proper inner arch to them and I never felt like they were really on my feet. They weight in at a little more than 6 ounces they are feather light. Here is what the company says on its site;

The Vinci brogue oxford is a must have shoe for any laid back, style conscious guy. Constructed of lightweight military canvas with Italian cow-suede toe, heel and overlay, the Vinci weighs just 6 ounces. The Dupont sole has a rugged tread pattern giving the shoe an original take on the classic wing-tip. Suitable for work or the pub, Vinci is a great alternative to heavy dress shoes.

I have to say that they are the most amazing men's dress shoes I have ever been. Both men and women have run up to me wanting to know where they are from. Hear that Hey Dude Shoes? ALL my GIRL friends want them! I wish to be made aware the second the Women's line comes out, the smaller sizes of the Vinci would disappear in seconds!

I really cannot express how wonderful these are in words. The fit is great, despite being a man's shoe, the feeling when you step is unparalleled in Men or Women's dress shoes, the construction is superb and you can buy new insoles for only $7 so you can "recharge" the comfort of your shoes!

Hey Dude Shoes Vinci

Hey Dude Shoes Vinci

Hey Dude Shoes Vinci

Hey Dude Shoes Vinci

Hey Dude Shoes Vinci

That is about it. I took at least another 20 photos of these shoes but decided that it would be just a little TOO MUCH to spam you guys with ALL of them. I will admit I am lusting after the new Vinci Neons hardcore. They are sooo pretty... and the new color of Vinci, Nut, is really gorgeous as well. 

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  1. The color is pretty dull and majority of boys would not love.It is old fashioned and not anymore stylish.

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