Thursday, September 5, 2013

Northern Star Polish; Sleepy Kitty and Inconcievable

Hello lovlies!

Today I am featuring yet again the always fabulous Northern Star Polish. The maker is one of the nicest I have befriended and always gets an A+++ in customer service from me :) 

I am featuring two of her current polishes. Initially I intended to include a third that was not sent to me for review, however it is no longer available so it will probably end up in a manicure post instead of here :) 

Sleepy Kitty is a glitter topper that contains matte silver diamonds, medium sized hexes and micro hexes. Hot pink mini matte squares and holo light pink butterflies, holo silver hexes , irredescent micro glitters and some medium sized holo squares. Did I miss a few? Probably. I love how diverse the variety of glitters included in this glitter topper are. It is a little thick and I kinda wish there were a few more butterflies so I would have an easier time of getting them onto my nails. In the photos I believe I am wearing about two coats. The density of glitter is pretty in between. It is definitely not meant to be worn on its own as an opaque glitter polish. I am wearing OPI Skull and Glossbones underneath Sleepy Kitty.  (Disregard the strange coloration of my fingers in the photos. I have been washing dishes by hand and my skin is reacting weird to it)

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

Inconceivable is a really beautiful dusty blue jelly. It is pretty opaque in three coats and dries pretty nicely too. I love the dimension you get from the multiple layers and pretty gold glitter (squares). There is less to say about this one only because it is less technical. I can list a million kinds of glitter... or just show photos :)

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

Northern Star Polish

They are super gorgeous! 

Northern Star Polish goes for either $8.50 for a full sized (15ml)  or $5.50 for an 9ml size (a medium mini). 

I love how easy to apply both of these polishes are. Check out these and lots more beauties at Northern Star Polish on Etsy
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Thats about it! Definitely go check out her wonderful pages :) 

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