Friday, February 21, 2014

College Dorm Room Essentials : Vinyl Disorder Wall designs

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     This is , at last, one of my College Dorm Room Essentials posts. Why has it taken so long? I had been avoiding taking on the seemingly impossible task of putting up a Vinyl Wall Decoration. I was sent a wall design from Vinyl Disorder to be included in this series!
It was, not as hard as I thought it would be, but it was no where near as easy as it was explained online! 
I had some issues with with everything peeling off at one time ,the top part of the quote and the fairy came off together, the bottom created some major issues for me. When pulling the backing off the fairy part of the image started to tear. I was very careful during application that it was not pulled further and the amount of visible damage is overall minimal. 
     I think that had I read more instructions more thoroughly it could have been an easier experience. However, I have used similar types of Vinyl decorations in other applications and not experienced this much difficulty with not damaging the image while removing the backing. So, I cannot say that application was without issues. The bottom part of the quote ended up being put up in three parts, they are not perfectly aligned but thankfully I am not super OCD about stuff like this. 
    Overall, I love how much it brightens up my otherwise drab grey room and gives life to my closet doors. It gives a unique touch in my dorm that is identical to at least 200 others. I would definitely recommend a Vinyl Disorder wall decoration to anyone looking for a unique way to personalize. A rainbow of colors as well as glow in the dark make matching your current decor easy. I loved that the quote (that is not part of the original design) was easily incorporated into my piece and even if I had payed for the upgrade it would have been only about a dollar or so. I cannot seem to find the information on the website, so I hope they still offer that service. 

So, without further ado, here are the photos of my lovely wall design! 

This is easily one of my favorite parts of my dorm. I don't know how I will deal with taking it down at the end of the semester. For the price the quality is wonderful and I don't notice the fact that I messed up in application in day to day life, to be honest no one does. The fact that I have an amazing looking fairy with a wonderful quote distracts visitors from anything they could find off. I absolutely love my Vinyl Disorder applique and would definitely recommend them. 

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