Sunday, June 26, 2016

Emergency and Camping Flashlight and Lamp!! What a name

Hello Everyone,
I have also posted a review for this item on Amazon. Check it out here
I really loved the emergency camping flashlight and lamp I received over the weekend. It is light weight and is not only a solar powered light source but also a potential battery back up for your phone! If you want to charge it ahead of use, you can use the included usb charging cable.
This item is super easy to use and as hurricane weather comes to head in South Florida it is becoming increasingly more important to have supplies already purchased.
I have used this while hanging out with friends in a dark backyard and can say it does a reasonably good job of illuminating the area. Definitely would recommend, especially for it's current price.

Again, its super cute and folds up into a very convenient 2" tall form factor! 
The Solar Light can also be found at which is the companies web page! Amazon prime shipping is always awesome too :) 

There isn't a whole lot more to say on this item because I have not been able to completely run down its battery to know how long it lasts. 

Until Next Time,