Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Curology: My last resort

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Hello Lovlies,

So, I want to talk about my curology experience. I have struggled with mild to moderate acne for the past few years. However, about three months ago something changed and my skin went from regular to bad very quickly. I will be including photos of my skin from that time so please keep that in mind after the jump. The photos are not of the worst my skin got because I tried to wait it out and avoid photos for almost two weeks before breaking down and signing up for a Curology trial. My intitial cost was about $4 for shipping my first bottle. Each month following is $20 with a bottle of your custom prescription shipped every two to three months depending on your usage. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your care at 90 days you can get a full refund. 

Monday, March 6, 2017

Life Updates

Hello everyone, 

It has been more than a hot second since I last posted. My personal life has been a mess but I really am trying to get back into blogging because writting is therapeutic. 
I'm embarking both a beauty journey and a weightloss journey. I hopefully will be reviewing things that are related to either both or one of these things. I want to be able to share my insight but also my experiences with different products.

Some of the first things I will be talking about is the Curology program and my fitbit. The funcionality of each and how effectively they function for expected results. 
I have become very invested in Asian Beauty Products, as they are generally more innovative in comparison to similarly priced western products. I will start reviewing these items as well. I have become obssessed with sunscreen, as it is the essential antiaging product, and will be looking at a large variety in the coming months. Sunscreen is not just for the summer months. 

I look forward to rebuilding my relationship with everyone in the blogging community. I've missed this environment incredibly. 

Until Next Time;