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My name is Leah Schwartz. 

I am a Beauty and Fashion blogger but I also review other things that I think are fun (ie: Peanut Butter or other silly things) I am a college student who loves to write and loves writing reviews even more. I have a boyfriend who is waiting for the day a company sends me something targeted for guys so he can try out his reviewing skills. 

In order for me to write a review I need a full sized product. I cannot work with only a week or so supply of a product. For skin care I generally take about three weeks testing out the regime. With hair care I test for about two weeks. I will not review a product if I do not like it. I will however take the time to contact the company or representative and let them know what the issue is. 

As for the products to be reviewed, I will try anything once. I am open to trying out the craziest skin care products and the cutting edge of technology. I am a supporter of natural products but I understand that chemicals are necessary to produce certain results. I love everything beauty, fitness, food, tea and just about everything in between. While it may not seem to fit into my past posts I promise I love to explore! 

I plan on attending Medical School in the future and becoming a Dermatologist. I love skin care and I am willing to put in a lot of time researching the benefits of certain active ingredients to determine whether of not they are right for my skin. 
I spend hours on each review and do so around my busy lifestyle juggling a full college schedule. I am active on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and of course Blogspot.

 My twitter is @lelalu100

My instagram is Leah_Glitterpukee

My Facebook blog page is GlitterPukee 

I can be reached via email at GlitterPukee (at)

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, comments about my blog or would like me to do a review for your company.

Until Next Time,

Leah Schwartz aka GlitterPukee

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